“Invoking the spirit of Gil Evans, and making a considerable splash with his startlingly fresh debut Nine of a Kind, Yuriy Galkin has made an impact few newcomers could dream of." Jazzwise Magazine

“...beautiful larger-ensemble jazz writing...." The Guardian

“Bassist Yuriy Galkin has an engagingly wide palette as a composer, touching on salsa and Latin grooves without committing himself to them." The Telegraph

“Galkin himself is a paragon of solid, supportive playing, while his extensive through-composed charts reveal his furtive melodic/harmonic imagination on this impressive and weighty work." Bass Guitar Magazine

“There’s elegance to Galkin’s writing as well as punchy figures, occasional mischievous horn lines and natural tempos shifts." Herald Scotland

“Carefully layered, absorbing music, enthusiastically addressed by a responsive and skilful ensemble." London Jazz

“An impressive and sophisticated debut recording full of colourful, adventurous writing and top quality playing." The Jazz Mann

“What is perhaps most impressive about this concise, well organised material is the way in which it effortlessly melds writing techniques for small and large ensembles. ....Galkin has a keen ear for varied texture and uses the ensemble adroitly for both colour and counter-lines." musicOHM